Experience the Elegance of Traditional Craftsmanship

Discover the Intersection of Timeless Artistry and Modern Functionality

Step into a realm where the elegance of age-old craftsmanship intertwines with the practicality of contemporary design. Our bathroom vanities are more than just furniture; they’re a celebration of the delicate balance between rustic charm and modern-day needs.

At the core of each vanity is the robust and rich essence of premium pine wood. Its deep, distressed brown shade harmoniously contrasts with the immaculate white of the cultured marble top, crafting a visual masterpiece that exudes luxury and sophistication.

But our vanities don’t just stop at being eye-catching. They’re designed with your convenience in mind. The thoughtfully crafted single drawer ensures your essentials are always within reach, eliminating the need to sift through clutter. Beneath this, a slatted shelf stands ready to hold your wicker baskets, plush towels, or any other bathroom necessities.


commitment to functionality is evident in every feature. The sleek marble top is pre-drilled to fit an 8″ faucet, making installation straightforward and hassle-free (kindly note, faucet not included). Complementing this is a pristine white under-mount porcelain basin, enhancing the vanity’s beauty while promising durability and effortless upkeep.

Whether you’re revamping a cozy bathroom or decking out a spacious one, our vanities are versatile enough to fit any setting. Showcase it as a singular statement piece or align two for a grand and balanced look.

The Ultimate Shopping Experience Awaits

We believe in providing more than just exceptional products. That’s why we’re offering FREE shipping nationwide. Enjoy the luxury of our top-tier vanities and the convenience of doorstep delivery, all without any extra costs.

Elevate your bathroom to new heights of elegance and efficiency. Dive into our collection where every nuance speaks of luxury, resilience, and ageless beauty.

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Galaviz 19 Free standing Single Bathroom Vanity with Marble Vanity Top

Galaviz 19 Free standing Single Bathroom Vanity with Marble Vanity Top

Leila 36 Single Bathroom Vanity Set 1

Leila 36 Single Bathroom Vanity Set 1

Nordista242727Free standingSingleBathroomVanitywithMarbleVanityTop (1)


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